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A Bit About Me

Having a gardener attend your property, especially if it is on a regular on-going basis, can be a personal experience. Having a stranger regularly attending your property for some may be daunting at first. So I thought I'd use this blog to give a bit of information about me.

Firstly my name is Ciaran, pronounced Kieran, I have lived in the Derbyshire area since 2020. I live with my partner and my son.

I have always enjoyed working outdoors, whether that be teaching canoeing and archery whilst living in Texas, or spending a bit of time in the military. While I have also worked in landscaping and construction intermittently throughout the years, and enjoying gardening and growing my own veg. It felt like a natural step to begin working as a gardener, and setting up Bottle Brook Gardens.

Thanks for reading my first blog post, and hope to hear from you soon,


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