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Putting Nature First


Nature and bio diversity is at the forefront of everything we do, from installing birdboxes, hedgehog boxes, no mow zones, wildflower planting, encouraging the development of hedgerows, and using natural building materials, we ensure every job we do, in some way benefits nature. We are also RHS Horticulture qualified and work to the latest RHS standards and best practices.

Dry Stone Walling
English Hare
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Wildflower Meadow

With the ever expanding UK population, and subsequent house building, the UK is increasingly losing it's natural habitats, it is important we do what we can to maximise the potential habitats for animal and plant species in our outdoor spaces.

This is also a huge benefit to people who use these spaces; including staff and members of the public. Many studies have highlighted how being in outdoor environments surrounded by nature have improved physical health and reduced stress levels. There are also an increasing number of grants, subsidies and awards for businesses that commit to working to improve nature and bio diversity.

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