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"Is Going Green with Battery Powered Gardening Tools beneficial to our customers?"

A question that crops up a lot among gardening and grounds maintenance contractors is, "petrol vs battery power?" Of course battery powered gardening tools have been around a while now, and there are many advantages to them, but also disadvantages. But what does adoptions of battery powered equipment mean for you as a customers?

The quick answer... there are a lot of great benefits to the customer, but unfortunately a few negatives.

What is the major disadvantage of tools powered by batteries?

For us, it is the prohibitive initial investment for batteries, which in many cases may be passed on to the customer. Finally, the "range" or "run time" of batteries mean that on larger properties, running all battery equipment is simply not an option

But let us delve further into this topic:

Environmental Impact

One of the primary reasons to embrace battery-powered gardening tools is their significantly lower environmental impact compared to their petrol-powered counterparts. Traditional petrol-powered tools emit harmful pollutants such as carbon monoxide, volatile organic compounds (VOCs), and nitrogen oxides, contributing to air pollution and climate change. In contrast, battery-powered tools produce zero emissions during operation, helping to reduce our carbon footprint and create a healthier environment for everyone. But, there is a significant environmental impact often overlooked, the precious minerals required to make batteries such as lithium, require huge amounts of mining to access, often at the expense of underpaid and overworked people in third world countries. Below is a lithium mine for Tesla cars.

Noise Reduction

For us the main advantage of tools powered by batteries is noise reduction. Petrol-powered tools are notorious for their loud and disruptive noise levels, which can be a nuisance to both users and those nearby. By switching to battery-powered alternatives, our customers can enjoy a more peaceful gardening experience without disturbing neighbours or disrupting the tranquillity of outdoor spaces. It also means we can often start work earlier

Cost Savings

Are battery tools worth it? From a financial perspective? Ultimately as a business owner it is difficult to say yes or no. Why? Batteries are very expensive and have a huge initial investment, especially anything that can withstand heavy use. In fact this is a major disadvantage of tools powered by battery. But of course, we no longer need to purchase petrol, or pay for servicing. However, after running a well known top end battery powered brand for 3 years, we are seeing a massive reduction in battery life, and it looks as though many batteries will require replacing. Fundamentally when all these factors are weighed up, it would seem the costs are almost equal. This means there is little to no saving that can be passed on to our customers.

Safety and Ease of Use

Battery-powered gardening tools are also safer and easier to use than petrol-powered alternatives. Without the need for petrol or oil, there is a reduced risk of spills and accidents during refuelling. Additionally, battery-powered tools are lighter in weight and easier to manoeuvre, reducing the strain and fatigue associated with prolonged use. This makes them less damaging to our staff, with reduced vibrations going through the hands


In conclusion, at first glance the benefits of going green with battery-powered gardening tools are clear and compelling. From reducing environmental impact (kind of) and noise pollution, to offering greater convenience, and safety. However at closer inspection it is clear that in a lot of ways battery power is not the solution to all problems, especially as a business owner.

If you are a customer or business owner and have any questions about our experience running battery tools domestically and commercially for over 3 years, feel free to get in touch!


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