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Lawnmowing: How Much Does Lawn Mowing Cost in the UK? A Comprehensive Guide

Lawnmowing in Derbyshire, Derby and beyond; one of the first things people want to know is how much will it cost them to have their lawn mowed?

So enough beating around the bush, our minimum charge as of April 2024 for a residential lawn is £25. The reason for a minimum charge is that even the smallest lawn, still requires us to use our vehicle, use diesel to get there, time to get the tools in and out of the van, and the use of petrol (or battery power) to operate the equipment.

BUT, please bare in mind that this is a minimum charge, and many lawns that we look after cost more. So ... What factors determine the cost of a lawnmowing service?

1. Size of the Lawn: The size of your lawn is perhaps the most significant factor affecting the cost of mowing. Larger lawns naturally require more time, effort, and sometimes specialized equipment to mow effectively. We also strim and edge each lawn every visit, and also blow down all mess at the end. This can add significant time to the job if you have multiple different lawns on your property.

2. Complexity of the Terrain: Lawns with uneven terrain, slopes, or obstacles such as trees, flower beds, or decorative features require more time and effort to mow. Consequently, this can alter the price of your mowing service.

3. Access and parking: we operate our lawn mowing service within the Derbyshire, Amber Valley area, in Belper for example, many properties have poor access, whether that be many steps that require the lawnmower to be lifted over, or having to park a walk away from the property as there is no dedicated parking. Unfortunately this can impact the price.

4. Waste: Will you require us to remove the waste? We can offer a waste removal service for all our clients, however this will incur additional charges. A much more cost effective alternative is to have your own green waste bin. We can also cut and drop clipping, or mulch (mulching grass often requires a weekly cut, as not always possible to effectively mulch longer grass).

5. Location: Our lawn mowing service covers Derbyshire and Derby, we operate in places such as Belper, Ripley, Little Eaton, Smalley, Denby, and our prices are consistent across the entire area. However lawnmowing service providers in other parts of the country may price their services differently.

Average Cost for lawnmowing: While the cost of lawn mowing can vary significantly based on the factors mentioned above, here's a rough estimate:

  • For a small to medium-sized lawn, expect to pay between £25 to £50 per visit.

  • Larger lawns (over 100 square meters) may range from £50 to £150 or more per visit.

REMEMBER we also offer scarification, aerations, and full lawn care services across Derbyshire and Derby.

Thanks for reading and have a great week!

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